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Preparing for Eternity

Above-Ground Arrangements

Above-ground arrangements involve purchasing:

1.     Burial Rights (“crypt space” or “niche space”)
a.      A crypt is designed for casket interment.
b.     A niche is designed for cremation urn interment.

2.     Interment Fee (“opening/closing”) 

3. Memorial engravings, bronze castings, plaques/emblems, flower vases, pictures, veteran memorials, etc.

Chapel of Apostles Mausoleum in Calvary Cemetery

Chapel of the Apostles Glass Front Niches Niche Location 
Single, companion, and four-person crypts (intended for metal caskets) The glass-front cremation niches installed in the Ss. Simon and Jude corridor (west end) of the Chapel of the Apostles Mausoleum in Calvary Cemetery (building closest to the Mercy Road gate). 

It illustrates relative sizes of the different niches, vase placement, height, and examples of how a glass-front niche can look with the cremation urn(s) and decorations.

Those interested are encouraged to contact a Family Service Representative at the Catholic Cemeteries' office at (402) 391-3711. 
The diagram above is a top-down view of these glass front niches being added to the Ss. Simon and Jude Corridor (west end) of the Chapel of Apostles Mausoleum in  Calvary Cemetery (building near Mercy Road gate). The position
and shape is in reverence to the cross and to facilitate casket interments in the surrounding crypt spaces
(there are still some available!).
Fountain Plaza of Resurrection Cemetery

Calvary Cemetery
Companion niches (2 persons)

 Single niches—only 1 available!

Holy Angels Mausoleum in Resurrection Cemetery

/Holy Angels

Single granite-front and glass-front niches

       Single and companion crypts (2 persons)

        Family estates of 6 single crypts 

Saint Mary Magdalene Mausoleum

Saint Mary Magdalene

Single crypts and companion crypts (2 persons)
      4-Person crypts
        Single niches—only 1 available! 
Holy Sepulchre Mausoleum

Holy Sep Maus
        Single crypts and companion crypts (2 persons)
        4-Person crypts
        All Souls Day interment of cremation urns into a community crypt (no charge)

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Omaha, NE 68124-3199
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