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Monthly Memorial Mass

Remembering and honoring the dead is an important part of Catholic Cemeteries' ministry, and memorial Masses provide a special way to do that and reach out to families.
And that ministry is ongoing.

Each Memorial Day, special Masses are held at each of our  five Catholic Cemeteries locations, a fitting way to share in remembering loved ones and uniting in prayer as a faithful community.

Every month, Catholic Cemeteries offers a memorial Mass to remember those individuals interred in our Catholic Cemeteries.

These monthly Masses,  held at the Holy Angels Mausoleum in Resurrection Cemetery (78th and Center St.), are celebrated the first Monday of the month, unless otherwise scheduled due to a religious observation or civil holiday.  We begin with the recitation of the rosary at 5:00 p.m.  This is followed by the reading of names of loved ones interred in the previous month and in the same month the prior year, starting at 5:30.  Celebration of the Mass begins after that.

Please direct questions to Deacon Steve Grandinetti, Catholic Cemeteries Ministry Manager.

Monthly Memorial Mass
The Mass schedule for 2017 as follows:

5:00 pm – Rosary
5:30 pm – Mass

Monday January 9th
Monday February 6th
Monday March 6th
Monday April 3rd
Monday May 1st
Monday May 29th – Memorial Day Masses – All 5 Catholic Cemeteries - 10 am
Monday June 5th
Monday July 3rd
Monday August 7th
Monday September 11th
Monday October 2nd
Monday November 6th
Monday December 4th

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